Special hygiene requirements call for individual solutions

In some situations there is no easy way to solve a particular water hygiene issue. Once a biofilm has become established in a drinking water system it provides ideal conditions for the proliferation of bacteria.

Aqua free’s development team possess a high level of specialist knowledge in microbiology, membrane production, filtration technology, technical performance, materials and adaptations. The team is experienced in finding solutions to challenges that projects can present and have a track record of meeting these challenges successfully. This allows client-specific technical solutions to be developed for a wide variety of application areas.

Some of our projects:

The meat department of a large supermarket chain is cleaned using special machines that draw drinking water from the supermarket's water supply. Any waterborne pathogens can therefore contaminate the surfaces on which fresh meat is prepared. To prevent this, a filter solution was developed for the cleaning machine.

Mobile drinks stalls at festivals usually obtain their water directly from hydrants, sometimes employing ‘creative’ hose connections. As well as the hydrant itself a variety of hoses and connectors can be involved, any of which can be responsible for introducing bacteria into the system. Special water filters can be installed at the water intake of the drinks stalls to provide reliable protection.

We can develop a tailor-made solution for you too. Just ask us.