Expertise in water hygiene in hospitals is our everyday business. We’re happy to help you in creating a place of security there.

Let's not forget how to dance

The smallest in our society are the ones who need protections the most because they aren't yet able to help themselves. When children become ill, it's vitally important for them to feel the protection and security of their parents.

As manufacturers of medical filter products we have a close affinity to hospitals. We know this from the perspective/viewpoint of hygiene and good drinking water quality, but we also know that scoial and human closeness are essential to becoming healthy again quickly. Organisations help to ensure peace and security in hospitals.

The Story behind this: A few years ago, as part of our partnership, we took on the maintenance costs for a flat in a children's and parents' house in Hamburg-Eppendorf. This enables close relatives of severely sick children to have free accommodation near their little ones while they receive longer-term inpatient treatment at little ones while they rceive longer-term inpatient treatment at the UKE, the University Hospital of Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Children's Aid Hamburg-Eppendorf