We guarantee the safety of our drinking water hygiene products through our own strict quality controls and the certification of our products by the following institutions: 





We are certified to the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001 by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH. This standard proves and guarantees that we as a company apply the concepts of sustainability and general environmental thinking to our company policy and our corporate strategy at all times. We are continuing to develop further and are thus making a contribution to environmental protection through constant improvements. We naturally carry out regular audits in order to safeguard this high standard on a continuous basis. 




Aqua free Netherlands

KIWA is an organisation in the Netherlands that carries out testing for drinking water approvals. It grants approvals for our drinking water hygiene products in the Netherlands. KIWA is one of the 20 leading test institutions (active throughout the world in 40 countries), and as such a KIWA certificate creates trust amongst consumers. The organisation was founded by Dutch drinking water companies in 1948 in order to safeguard the drinking water supply in the Netherlands. Every object that comes into contact with drinking water is examined to ensure that the high quality of drinking water is maintained.




Aqua free UK

Our products for the UK market are certified by WRAS, the body responsible for the relevant approvals of drinking water hygiene products (accessories) in the UK. The key purpose of WRAS Approvals is to ensure clean water and the safety of drinking water through an effective verification system. This contributes to the protection of public health, because guaranteed approvals prevent any potential contamination of the public water supply. Compliance with the water supply regulations also facilitates efficient and safe water usage.



Aqua free France

ACS, the body responsible for the approval of drinking water products (and accessories) in France, examines and certifies all Aqua free products that come onto the French market. This safeguards the high standard of our products for drinking water hygiene.