Clean water helps. We help with our innovative membrane technology.

Washing is dignity.

The story behind this: Our colleague from the accounts department heard about the project, talked to the boss and a member of the field sales team responsible for the Non-Medicall Division. He got in touch with the orrganisers of GoBanyo and put our sterilising grade filters to use in the shower bus.

Easy access to clean water is a fundamental hygiene requirement, but it isn't always equally accessible to everyone. In order to change this, the start-up GoBanyo took this challenge and created a mobile shower bus that gives homeless people the opportunity to take a shower.

We at Aqua free assist the organisers of GoBanyo and the shower buses with advice and sophisticated filter technology. The innovative membrane technology in our water filter products ensures that water hygiene is kept constant and consistently good. Safe and high-quality drinking water: guaranteed!

An international idea? So far, there are mobile shower buses - operated by different organisations - in Paris, Athens and Berlin.