Germlyser® W

Point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter for birth and burn tubs

Effective membrane filtration for the protection of newborns, expectant mothers and burn patients against waterborne bacteria

  • Safe water hygiene 
  • Consistently high flow rate over the entire operating time 
  • CE-marked medical device 
  • Environmentally friendly and efficient reusable product

Germlyser® W

The point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter Germlyser® W is a CE-marked medical device for birth and burn tubs. The 0.2 µm hollow fibre membrane removes all waterborne bacteria. The chemical composition of the water is not altered by the filtration method. The Germlyser® W delivers germ-free water with constant high flow rates of 20 l/min over the entire period of use and allows a rapid filling of the tub. The filter provides effective protection against infection by water associated bacteria.

Technical data

  • Size: L 206 mm x Ø 43 mm
  • Retention: 7 log steps Brev. dim.
  • Pore size: 0.2 µm
  • Operating time*: 1 month
  • Chlorine resistance**: ≤ 10 ppm
  • Flow rate: 20 l/min at 5 bar, at 25°C
  • Maximum operating pressure***: 5 bar at 60°C
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60°C (at 70°C ≤ 30 min. over operating time)
  • Adaption: Quick release coupling

* The operating time can be increased up to 8 weeks if sufficient hygienic measures exist and an adequate hygiene plan is carried out. We recommend monitoring by appropriate clinical microbiological testing.
** Continuous dosage of ≤ 10 ppm over operating time; short-term (1h) high dosage (400,000 ppm) for chemical disinfection.
*** The Germlyser® W is not suitable for connection to low-pressure systems (e.g. boilers)

Depending on the water quality, the values can change with increasing operating time. For further information regarding technical data, instructions for use and our accessory catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reprocessing and delivery service

The Aqua free Germlyser reusable filter system offers customers a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to single-use filters. Aqua free manage the logistics of delivery and return of filters – which is included in the rental rate of the filters – reducing inventory costs and administration. All filters are reprocessed by Aqua free using a validated process and following strict quality standards. Quick-release couplings allow filters to be safely changed in seconds and barcodes, identifying filter and location, ensure simple logging and documentation of the whole change process. Aqua free reusable filters deliver a significant reduction in waste and carbon footprint compared to single-use filters.