The time between receipt of an order and delivery is between two and four working days. For an additional fee we can offer express delivery of hollow fibre membrane filters provided we have them in stock. If you opt for express delivery your order will be delivered within 24 hours on weekdays and Saturdays.

Yes, the hollow fibre membrane technology means that our filters are validated to retain all waterborne microbes. That includes Legionella (e.g. Legionella pneumophila) and pseudomonads.

Hollow fibre membranes consist of individual tubes whose walls include pores of a defined size. Water is directed into the tubes and comes out again through the pores. All bacteria are retained within the tubes because of the 0.2 µm pore size.

The usage time – also known as the operating time - depends on the filter type, usage environment and hygienic conditions. For a point-of-use water filter on a tap or shower, for example, the operating time is four weeks. The operating time of each Aqua free product is given on the relevant product data sheet. We will be glad to provide you with detailed information on this.

There is no risk of waterborne microbes blocking the filter. However impurities in the water, such as calcium residues, oil and fat films, metal residues from pipe systems, phosphate residues from water demineralisers and biofilms, can reduce its flow rate.

If a hollow fibre membrane filter is used for longer than the published operating time, Aqua free GmbH cannot guarantee that the water will still be germ-free.

The filters should not be touched or cleaned if at all possible. If this is unavoidable for a particular reason, a disinfectant should always be used to clean the filter from the outside. In this case normal surface disinfectants can be used (e.g. Bacillol or Bacillol® tissues). For reasons of environmental hygiene, the filter should be disinfected first. This should be followed up with disinfection of the washbasin or shower tray.

For return delivery Aqua free normally contracts UPS to collect the used filter from the client's premises. Either a phone call needs to be made to the headquarters in Hamburg or return transport is carried out by the institution’s own logistics centre.

No! At the Aqua free service centre in Hamburg, Aqua free Germlyser® reusable filters are reprocessed in accordance with the law on medical products in a validated process using special equipment. Every filter is tested for integrity and individually packed in hygienic packaging.
The reprocessing procedure accords with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 15883 and the hygiene guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute for the reprocessing of medical products.

The membrane ensures that water from newly-installed filters is germ-free. Regular checks are performed as part of the quality management process. In the case of point-of-use water filters, external influences such as the surrounding conditions and handling can lead to “retrograde contamination”.  That means routine checks may find germs in the area where the water leaves the tap although the filtered water is sterile. Optimisation of on-site hygiene management can help to reduce the risk of retrograde contamination. Aqua free filters are constructed to reduce the risk of retrograde microbe transfer.

Damaged or defective filters and filters whose packaging is damaged during delivery may not be used or, if already installed, must be removed again. A defect report is included in every box dispatched as part of Aqua free’s quality assurance system. You should fill in this defect report if the product has been damaged or if you suspect that its properties deviate from those published. The filter should then be clearly labelled and replaced in the dispatch box in a separate bag. This, together with the defect report, should be placed ready for collection by UPS.
The Aqua free quality management team looks into every case.

Please get in touch with your contact at Aqua free if individual filters need to be fitted or changed.

Each filter has a certain germ retention. This is far above the level which strong contamination of a water supply network would  usually show. This ensures that a contamination of the water supply network is avoided.

No. We supply even the smallest orders.

Used filters are delivered to the Aqua free service centre by UPS. At the Aqua free service centre in Hamburg, Aqua free reusable filters go through a validated reprocessing procedure which complies with the German law on medical products. Every filter is tested for integrity and individually packed in hygienic packaging.
The reprocessing procedure accords with the specifications of DIN EN ISO 15883 and the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute on hygiene in the reprocessing of medical products. Naturally, as specified by the German law on medical products, complete traceability of all products is guaranteed throughout. 

Reprocessing service in some regions only on request. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.