FLUSH 2.0 – The compact, mobile flushing system

The innovative flushing system FLUSH 2.0 automatically and individually flushes water pipes – whether they are used very little or only temporarily.

In hospitals and medical practices as well as in public and commercial buildings or in private homes, this unique device can be installed at any tap. In vacancies in residential and nursing homes, hotels or holiday resorts in schools, gymnasiums, kindergartens during holiday periods the system is quick and easy to use.

Duration, flushing cycles and time of flushing can be selected individually in the battery-powered, autarkic system. Thanks to the clear display, the FLUSH 2.0 can be easily programmed.

The FLUSH 2.0 automatically and regularly flushes hot and cold water installations. It can be fitted to all kind of taps and showers. Installation of FLUSH 2.0 reduces the formation of biofilm caused by stagnation water ensuring drinking water quality – at minimum extra cost and requiring very few personnel. Optional documentation of the flushing cycles is possible via data logger.