AS WALLSHOWER comp - Wallshower with up to 120 days of use

Point-of-use (POU) sterile filtration provides an effective barrier to potentially harmful bacteria exiting a water system and coming into contact with users.

Aqua free introduces the new AS WALLSHOWER comp, a POU filter solution which can be adapted to suit different shower fittings and has been tested and proven to deliver a 7 Log reduction of Brev. diminuta thus delivering sterile filtered water at the point of use and guaranteeing users immediate protection against all waterborne bacteria including legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Aqua free Group Managing Director Florian Dibbern commented: “Our company rounds off its extensive product portfolio with this shower filter, specially developed for wall and ceiling installation. The filter ensures immediate and reliable retention of all waterborne germs such as legionella.”

The consistently strong flow rate allows for a pleasant showering experience so important for public buildings and particularly for paying customers. An operating time of up to 120 Days minimises maintenance costs and buys the facility manager plenty of time for a permanent engineered solution to be implemented.

Installation is simple – either as a complete replacement unit, or adapted so that the filter can be fitted to existing wall or ceiling mounted shower fittings*. At the end of the service life the filter can be quickly and easily removed and replaced without the need for special tools.

The AS WALLSHOWER comp provides an ideal solution to the threat of waterborne bacteria in any non-medical facility where fixed showerheads are used such as: hotels, schools, leisure centres, gyms, nursing and care homes.

You will find detailed information in our product field "Legionella filter tap and shower", AS WALLSHOWER comp.


* Adapters are only available for certain models. Please contact Aqua free for further information.