hotel shower

Hotels – Safeguarding water quality and protecting guests from legionella

The commercial operation of a drinking water supply system is associated with structural stipulations and duties of care in terms of system…

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Different types of filtration

Filtration is essential for the treatment of drinking water. It is the only way to guarantee reliable protection against disease-causing…

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multidrug-resistant organisms

How do multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO) arise?

Each human being is constantly in contact with a huge variety of bacteria. Bacteria are not necessarily damaging to health. However a few of them can…

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point-of-use sterile water filters are Class I medical devices

Why point-of-use sterile water filters are Class I medical devices

Sterile water filters play an important role in hygiene and pathogen reduction at hospitals and other medical facilities.

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bacteria in drinking water

Bacteria and other microbes in drinking water

Many bacteria and viruses are able to survive for a certain amount of time in water. Oral uptake of contaminated drinking water can elicit the…

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa

What are pseudomonads?

People who have already been weakened by other diseases are at especially high risk of succumbing to an infection triggered by pseudomonads.

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How does a biofilm form?

What is a biofilm?

Biofilms are made up of microorganisms and occur primarily on surfaces. They are embedded in a layer of mucus which settles on the surfaces like a…

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7-log reduction and filter validation in accordance with ASTM F838-15a

To reduce the number of microbes in a liquid or on a surface, the liquid must be filtered or the surface must be cleaned or disinfected. To achieve…

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retrograde contamination

Retrograde contamination – causes and solutions

Retrograde contamination occurs when water outlets come into contact with microbes as a result of splashback of water.

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Drinking water – high quality demanded throughout Europe

Drinking water – high quality demanded throughout Europe

The aim is to ensure that all EU citizens have access to high quality drinking water and to strengthen the position of consumers.

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