We at Aqua free are absolutely delighted to get to chat to Jacob Heidtmann.
About him: a swimmer, exceptional talent and Young Rebel.

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Olympian athlete for Tokyo 2021

On The Road to Gold.

Jacob Heidtmann was German champion three times in a row (2015, 2016 and 2017) and won gold at the European Championships in Glasgow in 2018. 26 years young, he is currrently training for the 2021 Olympic Games. His goal: to bring back gold. 

Jacob at the preparations for Tokyo 2021  ©: Jo Kleindl

Jacob is a high performer. Using the hastag #efficiency he wrote: "It doesn't matter how many hours you do something; what matters is what you do in those hours".

His disciplines are middle distance freestyle competitions and individual medley.


Training preparations, training goals and what's important in these difficult times.

Aqua free: Hey Jacob, where are we meeting you exactly?

Jacob Heidtmann: "Ich switch between various training pools every day. At the moment, I'am with my training team in Tenerife."

AF: How was the competition in San Antonio (USA, Texas)?

JH: "Ich bin mega pleased with my results at the TYR Pro Series. I took part in four finals from four starts and made second and third place. It was a form test, and the American competition really challenged me in a good way. At that level of sports, milliseconds make a difference - sometimes even just 5/100 of a second. The critical thing here is a combination of a focused & positive mindset and pysical performance. That's why I'm also competing in a lot of competitions coming up in order to hone my performance further."

AF: What are you planning in the near future?

JH: "I have just flown out to the training centre in Tenerife with my training team - together with the Israeli national team. The training centre T3 here offeres ideal conditions for me for three weeks to prepare for the Olympic Games."

AF: What is it, the location, meeting especially accomplished swimmers & learning from them, a particular pools and facilities, or a good team of trainers? Take us through what are the ideal training conditions for you.

JH: "In Tenerife, I have the luxury of only having to focus on my training. My trainer David Marsh and his assistant trainer Javier Soosa will be there, along with the trainers of the Israeli national team with their athletes. Here we can use the 50 m pool, the counter current unit and the weights room every day under the Canary Island sun. These three professional weeks are very welcome, expecially during these turbulent times."

AF: Can you give us a further insight into what else is planned in the run-up to Tokyo (July - August 2021) to ensure you're perfectly prepared for the Olympics?

JH: "For me to add at least a further distance to my competition schedule in Tokyo, after my three weeks spent training in Tenerife, I'm going straight to Sockholm for the Swim Open; a week after that I'm going to the German Trails in Berlin."

AF: Do you have any specific goals for the competitions?

JH: "I'm definetely aiming to qualify for the 4 x 200 m freestyle relay, the 200 m freestyle individual and the 200 m medley events."

AF: Has the corona crisis affected your training schedule?

JH: "It has in the past, as some competitions were cancelled at very short notive and for a long time, my weekly schedule hasn't included anything apart for hard training. These competitions have changed that, and I'm back in the flow again."

Have fun! We hope you have excellent training conditiosn, an exciting and sunny time in Tenerife and loads of success in Stockholm and Berlin!