HygieneStrahlFormer (HSF)

To improve water hygiene

  • Quick and easy exchange 
  • Cost effective
  • Improved water hygiene 
  • Adaptation to standard outlet sizes (M22/M24/M28)

Infestation from waterborne bacteria can come from many sources both within the water system and from the surrounding environment. The water outlet on the end of your faucet provides an ideal breading ground for bacteria such as pseudomonas. As the water flows, release of bacteria can occur, posing a high risk of infection to the user. Therefore the thorough management of all aspects of water hygiene should include the regular exchange of the water outlet/flow straightener. The Aqua free HygieneStrahlFormer flow straightener has the following features:

  • Silver plated adapter with bacteriostatic properties
  • Unique design allowing easy exchange
  • Available with or without 6 l/min flow limiter

Once the adapter (available in M22 internal, M24 external and M28 external thread) is installed the HygieneStrahlFormer can be easily exchanged using the installation tool. Aqua free recommends that the HygieneStrahlFormer is exchanged every 4 months.