AS DataLog for easy flushing records

Keep a record of flushes

Automatic flushing is the surest way to prevent water stagnation but where is the proof? AS DataLog is an easy to use datalogger, which attaches to the FLUSH 2.0. The system provides a record of every flush with bespoke software providing data for analysis and a lasting record of flushing activities

  • Compact, self-contained system
  • Records up to 2 months’ data
  • Reliable thermal measurement
  • Straightforward mounting and handling
  • PC software for automatic analysis
  • Detailed record as part of a facilities Water Management Plan

AS DataLog

AS Datalog takes the FLUSH 2.0 to a new level. The ASDataLog system easily connects to the FLUSH 2.0 automatic flushing system allowing the number and duration of flushes to be documented.

Installation is simple: The AS DataLog’s temperature sensor ring is mounted on the outlet of the FLUSH 2.0 system. The AS DataLog then records the temperature change caused by the flushing process and stores the data on the integrated SD card. It records flushes lasting longer than two minutes and also measures and records the temperature that is reached at the end of the flush.

The data can then be downloaded onto a laptop or PC where it can be analysed using the bespoke software provided which uses a specially-developed algorithm that calculates the start and end times of the flushing process based on the temperature changes during flushing.

The flushes recorded are then summarised in a two-month flushing data record which gives a clear account of successful flushes and deviations. The data record is available in pdf format and so can be used as part of a facilities Water Management Plan evidence of procedures.

Technical data

  • Unit size: L: 92 mm, W: 68 mm, H: 30 mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 1°C after 3 minute flush duration
  • Measurment Interval: 30 seconds
  • Operating voltage 3.6 volts
  • Battery Life: 2 months minimun
  • Data storage: on SD card
  • PC software: compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10


  • AS DataLog ring sensor with connecting cable
  • AS DataLog recorder with suction cup
  • USB cable
  • Metal outlet for FLUSH 2.0 with hygienic aerator
  • Allen Key for mounting of the outlet
  • AS DataLog PC software on SD card


Managing periods of vacancy in:

  • hospitals
  • residential and nursing homes
  • hotels and holiday complexes
  • schools, sports halls and kindergartens
  • housing complexes