Germlyser® G

Point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter for manual rinsing of endoscopes

Effective membrane filtration for the protection against waterborne bacteria in manual endoscope reprocessing

  • Safe water hygiene
  • Quick and easy installation
  • CE-marked medical device
  • Reusable product with reprocessing and delivery service

Germlyser® G

The point-of-use hollow fibre membrane filter Germlyser® G is a CE-marked medical device, which is specially developed for manual final rinse of endoscopes and can be fitted directly to the water outlet of the spray gun. The 0.2 µm hollow fibre membrane removes all waterborne bacteria. The housing of Germlyser® G is made up of plastic including an additive with special bacteriostatic properties. This prevents the growth of bacteria which may reach the filter through splash water or contact (retrograde contamination). The used additive in plastic is tested and approved for food and medical devices. Germlyser® G delivers a constant high flow rate of bacteria-free water over its entire operating time and effectively protects against recontamination from final rinse of endoscopes.

Technical data

  • Size: L 77 mm x Ø 55 mm
  • Filter area: 1,100 cm2
  • Retention: 7 log steps Brev. dim.
  • Pore size: 0.2 µm
  • Operating time: 4 weeks1
  • Adaption: Quick-release coupling
  • Chlorine resistance: 400,000 ppm hours
  • Pressure resistance of the membrane: up to 8 bar
  • Flow rate: Adjustable up to 6 l/min at 5 bar, at 25°C
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60°C (at 70°C <10 min. over operating time)
  • Maximum operating pressure2 : 5 bar at 60°C
Depending on the water quality, the values can change with increasing operating time. For further information regarding technical data, instructions for use and our accessory catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reprocessing and delivery service

Germlyser® G is a high quality, reusable product which is available to customers at a rental rate. The filter can be used immediately after filter installation. The customer will receive reprocessed filters for exchange before the operating time of the previous filter has elapsed. The quick-release coupling makes the exchange of the filter quick and easy. The used filters are picked up by the logistic partner and returned to Aqua free service centre. Each filter is reprocessed at the service centre according to RKI recommendations. Similar to a subscription service, Aqua free service concept is safe and simple.

1The operating time can be increased up to 8 weeks if sufficient hygienic measures exist and an adequate hygiene plan is carried out. We recommend monitoring by appropriate clinical microbiological testing.

2The Germlyser® G must not be connected to low pressure units.