Quick and easy measure of the Total Bacteria count

The AquaTest enables a rapid and simple quantitative result regarding the total Germ count in the tested drinking water - whether in motorhomes, yachts or sanitary facilities. The technology of the rapid test, consisting of a membrane filter and culture medium, achieves accurate results and enables non-specialists to check the water if it contains potentially hazardous germs.

The germ-rapid test cannot replace a qualitative analysis of drinking water according to the Drinking Water Ordinance.



With the germ-rapid test it is very easy to get a first indication of the total germ count of the tested drinking water. According to the instruction, the tester is moistened with water. After a predetermined incubation time, the surface of the tester can be compared with the evaluation pictures and the total germ count can be determined.

Field of application

  • Tanks and drinking water systems of Motorhomes
  • Tanks and drinking water systems of Yachts
  • Other drinking water systems