Germlyser® IL1500

Inline hollow fibre membrane filter for water hygiene in medical appliances

Effective membrane filtration for the protection against waterborne bacteria 

  • Safe water hygiene
  • Application-specific operating time
  • CE-marked medical device
  • Reusable product with reprocessing and delivery service

Germlyser® IL 1500

The inline hollow fibre membrane filter Germlyser® IL 1500 is a CE-marked medical device, which is developed especially for cold water inlets in medical appliances. The 0.2 μm hollow fibre membrane removes all waterborne bacteria without altering the chemical composition of the water in any way. The Germlyser® IL 1500 delivers bacteria-free water in constant high flow rates over the entire operating time of the filter and provides effective protection against waterborne bacteria.

Technical data

  • Size: L 123 mm x Ø 43 mm
  • Retention: 7 log steps Brev. dim.
  • Pore size: 0.2 µm
  • Operating time*: Depending on the application
  • Chlorine resistance: ≤ 10 ppm 
  • Minimum flow rate: 6 l/min at 5 bar, at 25°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar
  • Adaption: Quick-release coupling

* The operating time depends on application conditions like water quantity and water quality.
** Continuous dosage of ≤ 10 ppm over operating time; short-termin (1h) high dosage (400,000 ppm) for chemicals disinfection.

As the operating time increases, the water quality can impact on the maximum available flow rate. For further information regarding technical data, instructions for use and our accessory catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reprocessing and delivery service

Germlyser® IL 1500 is a high quality, reusable product which is available for a rental rate. After installation at the affected water line, the filter is immediately ready for use. Aqua free makes certain that customer receive on-time delivery of reprocessed filter for exchange purpose. Due to the 8-mm push-in tool-free system, filter replacement is easy and quick. The used filter is picked up by the concerned carrier and returned to Aqua free service centre. Each filter is reprocessed at the service centre according the RKI recommendations. Similar to a subscription service, Aqua free service concept is safe and simple.

Prevention through water hygiene

Water supply systems are a major source of nosocomial infections. With the help of membrane filters it is possible to filter out water associated pathogens of tap water. Membrane filters are an established method in the medical field to protect patients against waterborne bacteria.