Baclyser® IL DENT

Hollow fibre membrane filter for dental units

  • Effective membrane filtration protecting against waterborne bacteria in dental units 
  • Safe water hygiene 
  • High flow rate 
  • Up to 6 months operating time 
  • CE-marked medical device 
  • Easy filter change via push-fit quick-release coupling

Baclyser® IL DENT

The Baclyser® IL DENT is a CE-marked medical device specifically designed for in-line installation in the cold water supply to dental units. The Baclyser® IL DENT features a hollow-fibre membrane which, without affecting the chemical composition of the water in any way, delivers a 7-Log reduction of Brevundimonas diminuta which complies with the FDA definition of sterile filtered water. The Baclyser® IL DENT ensures the reliable protection against waterborne bacteria from the water supply to the dental unit over the whole operating time of up to 6 month.

Technical data

  • Size: L 118 mm x ø 47 mm 
  • Bacteria Retention: 7 log steps Brev. dim.
  • Pore size: 0.2 μm (microfiltration) 
  • Operating time*: up to 6 months 
  • Chlorine resistance**: ≤ 10 ppm 
  • Flow rate: 13 l/min (at 5 bar, 20°C) 
  • Max. operating pressure: 5 bar 
  • Operating temperature: ≤ 40°C 
  • Connection: Push-fit quick-release coupling ø 8 mm
* The operating time is dependent on site specific water quality, the pressure ratios, the usage frequency and the required flow rate.
** Continuous dosage of ≤ 10 ppm over operating time; short-term (1h) high dosage (400,000 ppm h) for chemical disinfection.