Germlyser® HQ - Point-of-use filter with a low installation height

Germlyser® HQ - Point-of-use membrane filter with a low installation height for water-taps to effectively protect immune-deficient patients against…


FLUSH 2.0 – The compact, mobile flushing system

The innovative flushing system FLUSH 2.0 automatically and individually flushes water pipes – whether they are used very little or only temporarily.


Innovative new product – The HygieneSiphon!

The siphon (drain trap) of wash basin is a potential reservoir of infection in health care facilities.


AS TAP - reliable protection against legionella

The tap filter AS TAP provides a reliable protection against legionella from the tap. The single-use product has an operation time of up to 2 months…


AS SHOWER chrome - reliable protection against legionella

AS SHOWER chrome is a Legionella shower filter for discrete use in the hotel sector or in the upmarket residential area. The AS SHOWER chrome provides…