H2O 2go - Water? Extremely valuable for our body.

Three-quarters of the human body is made up of water = We are basically water.

Water keeps all our vital processes in order, helps to regulate our metabolism and supports the regeneration of our cells and organs, such as the kidneys, in excreting waste products.

Good to know: In order to ensure that our tap water remains good and potable, and that we receive pure, clean water, the Private Water Supply Regulations governs the prescribed water quality. Regular controls are prescribed by law for the operators / owners. Feel free to contact us at info @ We will be happy to offer you professional support in complying with the guidelines.

Tips for daily use: Use an app to remind yourself to drink (e.g. the app Daily Water Tracker Reminder – Google Play or iOS) or put the required amount for the day in a container in the morning and then simply check in the evening whether you have actually drunk enough.

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