Clean water helps - we help with innovative membrane technology

Easy access to clean water is a basic hygienic need, but even in this day and age it is not always equally accessible to all people. One innovative start-up company called GoBanyo has set itself the task of changing this - and has released a mobile shower bus that provides homeless people with an opportunity to shower. 

After all, access to clean water restores dignity and reconnects people with the world. The project was kick-started by donations and implemented with the crowdfunding community Startnext. "Always clean hands", "The path of water" or "A Thousand drops" were the names of the donation blocks with which numerous supporters were able to donate between € 5 and € 3,000. With resounding success: since the beginning of December 2019, the shower bus has been operating four days a week throughout Hamburg, providing mobile showers wherever they are needed.

Who is behind it? Initiated by Dominik Bloh, the GoBanyo project was developed together with many partners (e.g. companies such as Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Hamburg Wasser GmbH) and foundations (Deutsche Fernsehlotterie, Hamburger Spendenparlament, Reimund C. Reich Foundation, Viva con Agua Foundation, clubkinder e.v., Hanseativ Help e.V.).

Good initiative! We are very pleased that we at Aqua free are able to support the makers of GoBanyo and the shower buses with advice and sophisticated filter technology. The innovative membrane technology of our products ensures that good water hygiene is kept constant and maintained. 

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An international idea? So far, there are mobile shower buses - run by different companies - in Paris, Athens and Berlin.