cBlue SC – The legionella shower for hotels, spas and residential facilities

Aqua free GmbH has developed a legionella shower with a replacement filter cartridge in the form of the cBlue SC. Thanks to its clear and functional design, the shower is easily integrated in modern bathrooms while offering reliable protection from all water-borne germs such as legionella and pseudomonades. It also offers a very pleasant showering experience.

The cBlue SC is distinguished by

  • a modern design
  • a pleasant shower spray thanks to a good flow rate
  • a long service life of 3 or 5 months
  • legionella protection plus: maximum safety provided by a filter cartridge providing protection from all water-borne germs
  • ecological and inexpensive replacement cartridge

“These parameters are particularly attractive for use in hotels, spas or residential facilities where discrete protection from water-borne germs is desirable”, claims Dr Florian Dibbern, CEO Aqua free GmbH in Hamburg.

The replacement cartridges supplied are available in two variants – for 3 and 5 months. In tests, they display reliable retention of 7 log units, i.e. 99.99999 % retention of even the smallest water-borne germ Brevundimonas diminuta, making carefree showering possible even in the presence of germs.

When germs have been eliminated, the hand shower can be used again without a cartridge but with the “Eco Connect” connection. This leads to less waste and is good for the environment.

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