Aqua free reorganises the responsibility for its business segments

Management synergies at Prime water and MDAG


Mr. Gregor Krey joins the management of the Aqua free subsidiary MDAG GmbH to support the expansion. In addition to operational management, he will be responsible for the conceptual development of the growth business. He will retain his position as managing director of the Aqua free subsidiary Prime water BV.

He will be supported by Mr. Thomas Piehl, managing director of Aqua free GmbH, who will become an additional member of the Prime water management.

New management of the drinking water hygiene department

Mr. Yves Dao takes over the management of the department of drinking water hygiene (TWH) at Aqua free GmbH and is responsible for the business around the hazard analysis - in case of limit value exceedence and in prevention, the revisions in existing Water Safety Plans (WSP) as well as the preparation of drinking water hygiene room books.

This further development within the Aqua free GmbH builds a bridge to the existing activities of the MDAG subsidiary. In the future, there will be close coordination in terms of content as part of the strategic development of both divisions. The aim here is to leverage synergies and to develop the most promising economic options for both divisions.

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Aqua free GmbH is one of Europe's leading service providers in the field of water hygiene. It is one of the largest European manufacturers of medical and non-medical water filters with production facilities in Germany. Company services as well as products ensure an excellent water quality in public and private areas with individual industry solutions.

The business area of MDAG GmbH in Germany, is dedicated to holistic water hygiene in all types of buildings. It offers well-founded drinking water analyses and the cleaning of drinking water piping systems. The range of services also includes renovation consulting and support.

Prime water BV with production facilities in Lommel/Belgium, manufactures technologically innovative hollow fiber membranes. These are used for example in the water hygiene solutions of Aqua free GmbH.