Aqua free - an owner-managed company

As an owner-managed company, we feel particularly responsible for the societal, social, ecological and economic effects of our business activities

Since our foundation in 1999, we want to act responsibly and sustainably in all processes across all subsidiaries and departments (ISO 14001).

We integrate and monitor environmental, health, social and safety criteria as standard from purchasing to service.

As an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical products, we are committed to the highest quality standards. We guarantee the safety of our drinking water hygiene products through our own strict quality controls and the certification of our products by external institutions.

We always have our fingers on the pulse of the latest changes due to our membership of numerous professional associations. We have access to standards, regulations and directives at all times and know about developments in the water industry.

Most of the added value takes place in-house. We develop and manufacture at our production sites in Germany and Belgium.

Aqua free - recognised as a specialist water hygiene partner throughout Europe